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Receive Rapid, Accurate Results

Having a sense of uncertainty about who your father is or whether you are indeed the father of your child can be very confusing and upsetting. Fortunately, thanks to advances in DNA testing, we can provide you with accurate results to answer and resolve any paternity questions. The test we conduct here at Medica Laser Spa Torornto provides 99.99% accuracy for inclusion and 100% accuracy for the exclusion of a father.

There are a number of reasons you may be interested in a paternity test, including the following:

+ Confirm or clarify fatherhood
+ Assert one’s right to custody
+ Claim child’s right to benefits

Paternity tests are very easy to do. Most people prefer to do one in the comfort of their own homes. Our tests are 99.9 % accurate and very easy to do. If you decide you would like to test with us we will express post you a paternity kit with clear instructions in it.

The kit contains two long cotton-tipped swabs. We would ask you to swab the inside of your child’s cheek for about 30 to 40 seconds and allow it to air dry for 2 minutes. We would then ask the father to do the same. The swabs are sealed in an envelope that you would send to us. Once we receive it we will send a confirmation email. The results take at the most 10 business days to complete. We will email a coloured comprehensive 1-page report giving you the results.

We are always available to answer your questions and this includes through the testing and the follow up. Even if you have questions about the testing a year later feel free to email or call us.

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