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At Medica Laser Spa, all our treatments are administered with the highest level of professionalism by our fully trained and registered practitioners. Medica Laser Spa uses innovative product line, laser machines and light-based treatment systems of Sharplight with a wide range of in-demand treatments.


Advanced Cryolipolyse Fat Freezing Cool Therapy Sculpting Machine

Cool Fat Sculpting — scientifically known as Criolipolisis— is essentially a procedure to freeze (and thereby kill), fat cells. Here's how the FDA-approved treatment works: An applicator (think of it sort of like a giant vacuum hose) applies suction to the area you want to target.The applicator then applies carefully regulated cooling plates to bring fat cells down to a temperature at which they are irreversibly damaged. After the deep-freeze damage to the fat cells, they will eventually die and be eliminated by the body.


In theory, Cool Fat Sculpting can tackle just about any unwanted bulge — it's FDA-approved for the abdomen, "love handles," thighs, upper arms, "bra fat," back fat, "banana roll" underneath your butt, and "double chin" — but there is one big caveat: you have to have "enough fat for the applicator to adhere to. In other words, there has to be enough fat to pinch for the treatment to work.


1. Two effective radiators to ensure machine working till 10 hours

2. 8 inch color touch screen. 

3. Power supply, imported from Meanwell, Taiwan. 

4.Taiwan water pump.

5. Proportional valve, imported from Germany. 

6. Double air pump, imported from Taiwan. 

7. Japan EMC Solenoid valve. 

8. Cooling temperature: -16~5 degrees.

9. Cooling pads, semiconductor ceramic. Handle size: 18*5.5*5.7cm and cool plate size: 5*7.8cm. 

10. Contact skin parts: Medical use silica gel, soft to make customers feel comfortable during treatment.

Medica Laser Spa is pleased to offer Vaginal Rejuvenation With Morpheus8.
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